Are You North Korea or Are You Cuba?

There are almost as many types of people in this world as there are people. I find more and more often, that the vast majority of us can be split into two groups- North Korea and Cuba.

There are people who can’t stand to be told what to do. People who will fight a losing battle, even if only to feel like they’re one step closer to winning the war. These people don’t take no for an answer and they definitely won’t settle for anything less than what they want, certainly not giving up without a fight. These people are Cuba.

Then there’s the ones who are completely content in following orders. The ones who may complain but have no real means or desires to ignite change. These people choose their battles with care (that is to say, they scarcely do), sway effortlessly with command and don’t bother- or care- to disobey direction. These people are North Korea.

I am Cuba. For me and those like me, it’s increasingly frustrating to deal with North Korea. How someone can be (in my eyes) so stagnant, so careless and so utterly spineless is beyond me.

But at the same time I have to remember that we are just different- two very different kinds of people. My way is not the only way when it comes to everybody else.

SO although it may boil my blood, if someone else is perfectly content, us Cubas need to learn to just leave ’em be.
On that oh so rare occasion that you may spark a twinkle of rebellion in their eye…


Side note- and then there’s Switzerland.

Side side note (serious bit)- I’m not just haphazardly using such controversial topics such as the Cuban Revolution and North Korean government with total ignorance. There are recent reports from inside the guarded country that actually state that the people who live there do not feel oppressed and are content- and that they would prefer Western culture to stop enforcing views of the opposite. That is why, when it was brought to my attention that some people are simply content in being passive, North Korea seemed to fit perfectly.