Exert Numero Uno


Oh this is very exciting 🙂 I can’t promise these will be frequent or lengthy, but you have to start somewhere.Tarzan-GIF

This is something I just started writing one day, knowing I wanted to rewrite my story but had nowhere to start. I had a thought and the rest followed.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue to write in the third person or change it to first like my original, but nevertheless, here is my intro, or prologue, as is.

           Toronto was a bustling city. You scarcely ever passed the same person twice, even if you were out at the same time every day on the same route. In the heart of its downtown the tapering office buildings, restaurants and boutiques, with all their lights and signs and screens, were still a sight to behold. True, it had its certain aura- its feeling of importance, but sometimes for Aarya the quiet places took their precedence.

Five blocks from her school- (St. Bridgette’s,  which wasn’t a private school but sure as hell tried to run like one)- maybe six blocks if you took the long way through the roundabout with the crabapple tree, where the sound of cars and people became muffled, was a library. It wasn’t run on government money, nor were its dog-eared second-hand books plastic jacketed or stickered  with serial numbers. Its owner was quiet and mild-mannered; he could be seen wandering up and down the condensed library aisles through its tall French windows. The cube-shaped old stone building enclosed on either side, the library both blended in because of its size and stood out because of its rarity. Just outside of its wooden door, plastered on the foot of a lamp post, was a small memorial put in place by the family of a  car accident victim. Aarya visited her father’s crash site, with its chipped paint and cold dead November flowers, every day, but never went inside the still structure that stood just beyond it.

Now we’re told that every story has its beginning; its “Once upon a time,”; its birth of a hero. Ours starts on a cold November morning with a cup of spilled coffee and a humble library.

That’s all for now….maybe after I finish the first chapter I’ll throw out another exert. This means a lot to me, to be able to share my baby, new and improved, to whoever will listen. Hopefully one day I can receive feedback as well 🙂

Well, what are you waiting for? I have work to do.That’s it, shoo shoo



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