Saving Mr. Banks cast singing Let’s Go Fly a Kite US Premiere

Watched Saving Mr. Banks last night….boy, did I cry. And cry.
Fantastic movie, I would recommend anyone to watch it!
Love love love this…
Lets go fly a kite, up to the highest height…!


So you had a bad day


If I had magical powers, 10/10 times it would be to do that.

On the other hand I should be grateful that I lack that particular capability or I would have landed myself in a lot of deep water today with a lot of people that really meant no harm.

I mean the day started out like any other- they always do. My alarm didn’t go off, found out an assignment I thought was due on Monday was due today, a friend of mine was in a very trying situation, and to top it off my Goose decided to choose today of all days to text me “Wsup”.




On days like today people, its usually a good thing to run home from school (if it’s raining like it was today then that’ll just multiply the feelings of you vs the world as pathetic fallacy begins to run your emotions like it does in the movies, ALL THE BETTER, I SAY, ALL THE BETTER) and PAMPER YOURSELF.

Whether that means diving head first into the fridge


…watching pointless feel-good videos


or just taking a long shower or maybe even defeating that one prick boss in POKeMON that you always come so close to, just go home and do what makes you happy.

Soon you’ll be back to your every day self


Me? I’m gonna bake a cake.

And eat half of it.


My favourite gif, for these trying times


Sing it with me now- the PHAANNTOOMMMMM OF THe pizza rolls is therrreeee……




First and foremost, if you’ve ever had to rewrite something completely (forgot to save, lost, etc) you know how I’m feeling right now…Image *mentally screams*

Apparently “confirm email address before posting” is a thing.

I started this to have something to do.

I mean, I’m a very active person- during the scarce months in Toronto that it’s possible to go outside in a sports bra and enjoy it. Every other day- HELLO, Lardwhale. *cue whale sounds*


Except I don’t even move that much, its more of a sad, stagnant, guttural groan.

And -forgive me for this, Goose- ever since I got into a serious relationship every and all desire to have a hobby has been completely overshadowed by, well, other desires…



There was one of just the eyebrows but it was kinda creepy…

Since school started in September we started seeing less of each other and I’ve started becoming Jabba the Hutt (cue the monologue of countless hours scrolling through Facebook, Imgur, and watching Jimmy Fallon on Youtube. And make-up tutorials. Lots and lots of make-up tutorials. And for things I won’t even need, like “Elsa from Frozen Full Hair and Make-up Tutorial”. However, the day I do use that will be a glorious day indeed).

I had no desire to do anything. And when I have no desire to do anything, I have no energy. *flashback to my entire grade twelve year when I was late for class every day*



And my teacher did this CHAIR OF SHAME thing where every day that I was late, I had to pull my desk up to the front, party-of-one in my own row. But I digress.

This is an effort to give me back my energy. Something to do. To look forward to. And also to share my self with whoever will listen.

Bonus creepy eyebrows